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Blocked drains can not only be a costly pain but if left unattended a blockage can be very hazardous. When you are experiencing a problem with blocked drains, Beaconsfield’s go-to experts are the Blockage Doctor!

Since starting our family-owned small business a many years ago, we have built a solid reputation as trusted drain professionals throughout Melbourne’s surrounding suburbs like Beaconsfield. Blocked drains solutions are our specialty, and our trained staff have experience fixing a number of different drainage issues for homes and businesses. So, no matter how advanced the blockage problem is – we can resolve it for you!

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Specialists in Drain Clearing & Relining
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Blockage Doctor
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    25+ years of experience

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    Highly trained registered plumbers

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    Latest equipment & technology

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Drain Relining Process

How we work

  • Green Box Stage 1
    Stage One

    Inspection of the drain using a camera to identify the problems.

  • Green Box Stage 2
    Stage Two

    Thorough cleaning and re inspection of the pipe to ensure host pipe is prepped and ready to take liner.

  • Green Box Stage 3
    Stage Three

    Preparation of the liner to be inserted into the pipe which will form a new sealed pipe inside your old pipe.

  • Green Box Stage 4
    Stage Four

    The liner is inserted into the host pipe, positioned and inflated with air, steam or water, pressing the liner against the old pipe wall while the resin sets.

  • Green Box Stage 5
    Stage Five

    Relining equipment is removed, pipe is put back into service and final CCTV inspection is conducted and recorded to ensure the quality of the liner and presented to the client upon completion with their warranty certificate for their own records.

Specialists in Drain Clearing & Relining
No Dig, No Mess, No Worries
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Plumbers even use our services to complement their work! We’re a family-owned business who rely on word of mouth and repeat business.

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Depending on the severity of a blockage, the service to clear a drain can often work out to be rather expensive. At the Blockage Doctor, we pride ourselves on the quality of our work, helpful customer service and most of all, our competitive prices. So, there is no need to worry about your budget or what type of drain problem you have, we always aim to provide our customers with reasonable prices coupled with long-lasting solutions.

We not only diagnose blocks but also offer complete long term repair and maintenance services, so that you don’t have to worry about blocked drains anymore! If you’ve got blocked drains, Beaconsfield locals call today.

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    Specialists in Drain Clearing & Relining
    No Dig, No Mess, No Worries
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