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Got a blocked drain? Canberra locals can get rely on The Blockage Doctor for a prompt solution to their problem. We’re focused on finding the solutions that leave your drains and pipes in better condition than ever, and we’re committed to providing this efficient service at affordable prices. That’s just one of the reasons we’re the blocked drain plumbers Canberra home and business owners turn to more often when seeking solutions for their drainage woes.

A blocked drain causes enough damage on its own. There’s no need to complicate matters by ripping up flooring, or digging up the backyard, and that’s why our customers are always happy to hear about our no-dig pipe relining solutions.

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Specialists in Drain Clearing & Relining
No Dig, No Mess, No Worries

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Drain Relining Process

How we work

  • Green Box Stage 1
    Stage One

    Inspection of the drain using a camera to identify the problems.

  • Green Box Stage 2
    Stage Two

    Thorough cleaning and re inspection of the pipe to ensure host pipe is prepped and ready to take liner.

  • Green Box Stage 3
    Stage Three

    Preparation of the liner to be inserted into the pipe which will form a new sealed pipe inside your old pipe.

  • Green Box Stage 4
    Stage Four

    The liner is inserted into the host pipe, positioned and inflated with air, steam or water, pressing the liner against the old pipe wall while the resin sets.

  • Green Box Stage 5
    Stage Five

    Relining equipment is removed, pipe is put back into service and final CCTV inspection is conducted and recorded to ensure the quality of the liner and presented to the client upon completion with their warranty certificate for their own records.

Specialists in Drain Clearing & Relining
No Dig, No Mess, No Worries
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Plumbers even use our services to complement their work! We’re a family-owned business who rely on word of mouth and repeat business.

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We Fix Blocked Stormwater Drains in Canberra

Got a blocked stormwater drain? Canberra locals can count on us to restore even the worst drains to full operation. Here at The Blockage Doctor (as the name suggests) we specialise in blocked drains, rather than general plumbing. We’re able to bring you the solutions that others can’t, so if you’re worried that a blocked drain or blocked sewer at your Canberra home or business can’t be fixed, then call us first!

We are methodical in our approach and will use CCTV cameras to locate the source of the obstruction so that we know how to unblock the drain and the extent of the damage. Canberra homeowners don’t have to worry about us digging up the garden or paving, as we will always find a no-dig pipe relining solution where possible, and in many cases this will actually give you an even better solution than if we were to dig up, remove, and replace sections of the drain.

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Get Fast Relief for a Blocked Toilet in Canberra

When they have a blocked toilet, Canberra locals understandably want solutions fast! Whether it is a sewer blockage that has happened unexpectedly, or a slow, unexplained leak that you have been ignoring for a while, our team can get to the source of the problem and find you a solution.

When they call on our blocked toilet plumbers, Canberra locals can expect a prompt response and a permanent fix. You won’t have to worry about the same problem reoccurring, as we take care to find the real cause of any issue, and to provide you with a long term solution.

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No Mess, No Fuss, Pipe Relining for Canberra

Are you interested in no-dig drain repairs? Canberra locals can call on The Blockage Doctor to see whether this innovative approach is the right solution for their needs. With our drain relining, Canberra home and business owners get a repair that makes their drains even stronger than new.

This is not just a band-aid or a temporary fix. You will have the reassurance of a 50-year guarantee for this no-dig pipe relining. Canberra locals who want to know more about pipe relining, or any other services provided by The Blockage Doctor, can contact us today.

No Mess No Fuss Pipe Relining
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    Specialists in Drain Clearing & Relining
    No Dig, No Mess, No Worries
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